Assignment 5 (Option 1): Assessment Criteria review

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I will document a few areas I feel I have improved in, since the previous assignment:

Within the feedback for assignment four, my tutor highlighted the need for increased clarity.  I feel that this has been worked on within the assignment.  My large sketchbook holds most of my ideas, instead of many little bits and pieces which have all been individually labelled.  This has also visually conveyed in a clearer way evidence of one idea being pushed and probed.  Of course in Project 4 this was a part of the process, yet I still feel that I managed to portray this, which made my progression easier to comprehend.

My archive has been clearly labelled, thus the foundation on which I have built on can be observed.  I saw this as a key point to put in place within this assignment, as my archive was the focus of my inspiration.

Through this course, I had not considered scale enough, especially through my drawing work.  I have remedied this as I progressed, displaying larger samples, especially within my screen printing work and sketchbook for this course.

Quality of outcome

In the context of my own practice, it can be hard to ascertain what is a quality outcome.  However when I reflect back on where my ideas have come from and the progression from my archive to resolved samples, this is easier to discuss.  My samples are a shadow of my archive, yet can still be traced back.  This is important, as I needed to show clear progression, but not so far removed that it was impossible to observe what had inspired me in the beginning.

Looking back, I feel through these projects reflect a better display of my ideas in a coherent manner than previous.  Yes I could go back and “re-do” my past assignments to bring them up to the same standard yet this would not convey a sense of progress to those observing my work, or indeed myself.

The samples I have created, convey how I have applied research and merged this with my own ideas.  I have also created posts on this learning log blog to discuss this.  They serve to be valuable for my own learning, as it is only when you stop and compare other artists to your own work, that you see how you may have been inspired.

Reading books such as Karen Nicol’s Embellished, helped me to comprehend how the sources and objects around us can inspire and influence our practice subliminally, unless we take the time to notice and ponder.

Demonstration of creativity

I feel that this assignment shows this in action in its clearest context.  My tutor used the word “variation” to me several times.  I hope that I have taken this on board and put it into practice.  One example could be not using one technique to get a result, but trying several:

Above:  Left to right:  Digital editing, Solar Fast, Cyanotype and Decolourant Screen Printing all used with the same base pattern to work from.

This exploration and variation allowed me to have a wider choice of techniques, making me more in control of my personal voice.

Risk taking is seen in a broader context than previous within Projects 3/4.  This can be witnessed through scale play and material choices:


For the past few months I have endeavoured to deepen my research sources.  Rather than sticking to a local library or the internet, I have:

  • Visited exhibitions and set collections
  • Visited museums and historic houses which at first glance may not be the natural ones to look at in a textiles context
  • Ordered books through university libraries
  • Taken out books through the inter-library loan service
  • Emailed artists and designers with specific questions as regards their methods and working practice
  • Watched artist and designer interviews online
  • Watched TED talks and other similar debates on a wide range of subjects, such as critical thinking, quantifying success and the fashion world

The above have opened my mind to think differently about my practice and the subject of textiles as a whole.

This deeper rooted understanding is reflected specially through my reflections, research essay and other Learning Log posts; where I feel I have written with more confidence and understanding.

I have also taken the time to create blog posts, specifically to look back on how I myself have been influenced, even in a somewhat unknown way at the time, by other artists and designers or exhibitions visited.

All of this has made me feel more qualified to critique by own work too; formulating an unsettled feeling within myself, which emulates a positive role, as it pushes me further.

It is my projection that this foundation and working practice I have begun to exercise, will help me in the level transition I hope to encounter next.


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