Assignment 5 (Option 1): Project 4: Messages and Meanings: What does this mean in the context of my work?

Through Projects 1-3 I have continually refined my research and findings down to a limited archive palette, based upon a foundation of family related archive material:


Through Project 3, I explored my own variety of sample making from the above, which took me down two separate routes.

  1. Collar based work, inspired by the above and my own poetry

The mouth facial side depicts my grandmothers output of vocal prose, with the closed eye representing her loss of sight; while the other side focuses on my own path as a child and continual journey.

2. Pattern based work, focusing on developing the knotted hem from my lost scarf in a number of ways:

I chose to disregard my collars within Project 3 in favour of this pattern development.  This has helped me to have a clearer objective, rather than confusing myself with working on two binary ideas.

Although my collar work had potential, I wanted to explore what I felt was the more uncertain idea.  I knew that it would challenge me more, thus would help me to grow.  In the future I may decide to re-look and expand on my collar work; but for now they will remain inside Project 3.

Instead of developing the pattern with a view to cutting it up or manipulating it in another way, which I investigated through the previous project; through this last project four I would like to create a selection of samples, finding new ways to depict the actual pattern.  These will include:

  • Cyanotype
  • Sun printing
  • Decolourant
  • Using digital means to explore printed textiles
  • As time allows other methods and techniques may be investigated

I will keep asking myself the silent question:

What could this pattern be/become?

I ask myself again, what is my message and meaning which underpins my developing body of work?

My grandmother and I’s ongoing story, is represented in the pattern above.  Taken from my lost scarf and its knotted hem; it represents the pathways we have both come down in life, with knots and forks along the way, yet with a continuing pattern, a narrative line.

I would like to entitle this body of samples/collection : “Our binary narrative or Binary Narratives”, this explains how our lives have pathed out in tandem.  This title can be traced back to one of the original poems I wrote and included as a part of my narrative. 

As time allows, I may be able to explore further what these samples could become, creative collections or ideas for collections.


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