Assignment Five (Option One):Project Three: Using my ‘Red Line Collection’ in an alternate way within Sample Making:

Using my sketches as a basis to work from, I began to speculate if I could use this design pattern in an alternate way from my fragile collar work as seen within this post:

I delved into my previously attained skill of screen printing and stencil drawing, along with the medium of decolourant.

Why decolourant?

It well symbolises my grandmothers lack of sight; the portrayal of something being wiped out or lost.  I chose to push and push this medium, rather than experimenting with other dyes.

I first chose to mix acid dyes to produce a red tone; with a rusty edge.  This well symbolises the links of Red Riding Hood and the timeless vintage quality:

Using a hand cut stencil:


Notice how when using the decolourant paste, care must be given as to the screen printing speed, material weave count (some materials soak up the dye faster) and in this case, decolourant thickness.

To pursue this area further and add a freeness to the screen printing method, I hand drew the same design, to act as a contrast from the definite stencil cut lines:

Above:  Screen Printing method of using Drawing Fluid and Screen Filler.

Although not massively different, the hand drawn feel does allow for a more personalised approach.

The disadvantage of this method is that the screen must be completely blacked out apart from the drawn areas.  This is so no seepage is seen.

A few of my outcomes; which can be handled within my body of work for this project:

Using a wide range of fabric types, I was able to ascertain the best surfaces to print upon.  I wanted to create a few resolved pieces.  I chose to cut around the shapes to again stage a collar concept.  To prevent frayed areas, hand sewn edges were applied.

Some samples come to a natural resolved conclusion; this one being one of them.  However they prove to be wearable pieces which could be further studied in the future:

Above:  A wearable narrative…a part of my ‘Red Ties’ collection.  Own garment used as photographic backdrop.

Unusual style of mood board; with pegs hug to prevent damage to garment.

Of course when you begin to look at imagery, the question arises; what more could I do with this?  Where does this story end?  Could I draw the collar on a model?

Ideas however, can all be written down and shelved for future use.

Below: finalised styling of the collar, described on my grandmothers image. (A3 size, for visualisation purposes) 



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