I was pleased to find that my tutor felt I had made significant developments from my previous draft of my research essay.

He mentioned specifically that it had lost its judgemental tone and that I had taken note of his comments from my first feedback of this essay in Assignment Three.

Through his feedback, I have gleaned points on which to reflect and work upon, before I have this course assessed.

In order to visually see the points in writing, away from the woods of his feedback, I have bullet pointed them below:

  • Define and clarify my use of ‘career’ as this can have many diverse connotations.
  • Could I create a discussion point further digging on why designers strive to create original work and how this impacts on their career viability.
  • Are the opinions which contrast success and why designers make, could I build on this in my conclusion too, bringing all the opinions together? This could help sum up my findings, although I must be careful not to fork out too much and lose the clear path and flow of my essay.
  • My tutor liked my imagery, but wondered if I could make some with more stark contrast? Thus they may stand out more.
  • I need to add my reference list to my essay, rather than separately.
  • Within my reflections (outside of my essay) maybe within a blog post, I could look at how I could use my findings in the future, maybe there are points of interest on which to build into further investigations.
  • Could I discuss the categorisation of the artists / designers  I discuss?
  • My conclusion needs most substance and clarification.

Obviously because I am working to a word count, I must be careful not to add more and not take away. Thus any comments which do not add to my essay body, should be cut out.

My intention is to now refine my essay, using my notes above as a guide. I will later reflect on how this body of research has added to my own learning and possible future practice.

How could my research and findings through assignments three and six be used in the future? 

Through my research for my essay which took in both assignments three and six, I accumulated much research, drawings and exploratory work around the subject matter chosen. It has been both an informative and constructive investigation for myself, which I have throughly enjoyed.

However the point has been highlighted to myself that in a word count essay, only so much can be expressed and explored. Having accumulated more information than I can use, I see this as a positive thing, as I have much to reflect upon and feed from, as I move into my Level Three work.

Focusing on the artists / designers I chose, there are both practical and theoretical aspects I can learn from. This could be studied and analysed at a future time.

Obviously when looking at research results critically or otherwise in the context of other artists and designers, it is not the intention to reproduce or copy their life course in some way. However I can ruminate and consider aspects from each one and my thematic material as a whole.

Looking ahead to further work on my part, I anticipate using my findings from this course and implementing them into future parts of my practice. This could push and deepen my level of academia.


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