Assignment Five: Option 1: Project 3: Demonstration of skills: Scale: Part Three: What could designs become? (Photoshoot)

In order to visualise the scale of some of my outcomes; I wanted to explore what they could “become”.  Do they have a use, or are they made as purely art?

In this post, I will look at the largest scale piece I have made as discernible evidence.

Due to its size (around 2m x 2m) I felt it could become a house old object.

My question to myself was…how can I create drama and emotion, as well as conveying scale?  Could the two mix?

b wIMG_5081IMG_5085 b n wIMG_5101DSC_0511

Above:  Using my designs as a blind.

This creates atmosphere, due to the colour.  Sinister?  Dramatic in a way, as it blocks out light, creating darkness and a false coloured light.

This concept could also psychologically hark back to my Narg’s loss of sight and seeing in off formats.


This large scale is new to me.  I chose not only to print on a large surface, but enlarge my knotted hem design to match. 

I am unsure how to progress with the size of this piece, but I feel that exercising my techniques in this way, has helped free up my previously smaller scale of working.  I now have the choice of scales to work from, as you will see through my physical samples.


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