The art of taking risks

I have often had risk taking highlighted as a weak point within my practice.  Thus I decided to do more research around the subject,  which I hope to use on a personal level.  

I had an article mentioned to myself recently:

This magazine article was helpful as it took individuals as show cases.  Not just in art but in Opera and writing.  Thus balanced view points could be noted and observed.  

The title makes obvious the weight behind this topic,  that it is important.  

I enjoyed one film makers comment (George Lucas) : ‘failure is another word for experience’.  Thus it is not a full stop,  rather it is a comma,  a pause for us to reflect and try again.  So yes, risk taking may mean failing,  but we get the experience we would never have had otherwise.  

Samuel Beckett is quoted to have said ‘no matter,  try again. Fail again.  Fail better’. No these quotes are not helpful in themselves,  they could appear as stagnant remedies for others.  Yet it is how we use them,  what we learn from them. 

It is like anything in life (as far as I’ve had experience and see things).  Do we give up every time a relationship breaks down? Does loving once and lost,  make us never try to love again? So if we fail in an artistic fashion,  why not try again? The fact that we have taken the risk in the first place,  should give us confidence to do it again.  

I was always told as a child :If at first you don’t succeed,  try try try again.  I think I need to remind myself if this within my own artistic context.  

It seems that the concept of success and risk taking us also an issue of debate. We seem to constantly try to define what this means to us. Yet how can it be boxed? 

Gene Luen Long,  a graphic novelist,  wrote: ‘if you don’t figure out how to live with it (taking risks) you are going to end up stopping’.

Maria Balshaw of The Manchester Art gallery,  made a film for the BBC in 2014, tackling this issue. My favourite comment after watching the film was:’ Sometimes in art you need to be scared and out of that may come magnificent art’. 

I guess it’s the never ending “fear of the unknown” which I must tackle,  along with everyone else. 

My aim is to digest comments such as the ones I have quoted above, putting them to purpose rather than simply reading them.  

Writing about this issue within my blog entry here, has also helped me talk about it and feel out what I actually am thinking myself.  Sometimes we need to see words in text to understand whats in our own heads. 

The article pictured above is available to view here:


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