Post Tutor Feedback – Assignment Four

I was relieved to discover that my tutor felt ‘no doubts about my ‘ability and potential’; however I am still lacking within my personal “weak” areas.  This frustrated me, as at the time I could not see where to go and where to develop.  My head has felt muddied the past few months and my “artistic presence” has been lost.

However I feel that I must fight to regain it and have a renewed sense of hope for this course; as I feel capable of pushing my own boundaries before I reach assessment stage.

Since sending my tutor assignment four, I have felt better in myself and more able to see things clearly.  Thus I have begun to formulate ideas for assignment five.  My main point of focus is to really show clarity and development of ideas; rather than a selection that goes no where.  My work will be formulated (I hope) so that after assignment four has been remedied it will flow from this assignment to the next, which is assignment five.



From my tutors feedback, what have I defined that I need to work on?


  • Communication of ideas:  NEED CLARITY
  • ‘Evidence of one idea being pushed and developed to a quality outcome with Risk Taking’ is lacking
  • Make my progression clear.  Looking towards this area in view of my own outcomes, I see the need to perhaps re-format sketchbooks and singular outcomes.  I need to make my “journey” clear to the observer.
  • Amalgamate some of the work that’s lose, so that it is easier to view.
  • Make resolved pieces clear, by mounting them and presenting them (in a professional way?)
  • Clarify what my archive is.
  • Work again on section 4.5 – Organise the work as a series rather than separate bits and pieces.  Each sample different but form a part of my narrative.



  • Vary scale when drawing – experiment – size and style.


  • Use my experience from research and study visits for the good within my work!


  • A few alterations on my blog set up style.

Last comments from my tutor:


I will continue to reflect back upon this vital feedback and strategically make plans to work on all areas to improve and strengthen my practice.

The feedback has highlighted areas I must improve on for the health of assessment and more importantly my future practice.

On reflection, rather than feeling flattened, I am thankful that my tutor has illuminated these points of concern.

As a part of a personal study plan which I am formulating for my own learning, I also intend to research deeper into the Assessment Criteria to comprehend all meaning. This will have special reference to Risk Taking and it’s definition in the assessment context and my own practice.   


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