Exercise 4.5 (Option 1): Techniques examples / samples for reference

IMG_4778Over the period of the last while, I have been making examples of lots of the techniques so that I have them on hand for my own personal view.  They will serve as reminders; examples which I can emulate or take as inspiration, subliminally or otherwise.

I have separated the technique samples, as there are too many for one file and I wanted to label each under a different heading.  I have posted a few images belong to illustrate the various files, from make up stages to final files:

DSC_0004_12  Loads of samples above, which I then began to piece together to sit inside hand made folders.  Each folder is marked to technique type; i.e. manipulation or counted thread work.

PLEASE NOTE:  Some samples have been used for a previous course, thus to avoid self plagiarism I don’t expect many of the samples to go towards my mark.  I will state more explanations through the files.

More images of the files:

Inside the folders are pieces like these:

On reflection, I am so happy to have organised my work in this way.  These files will serve as irreplaceable reference guides.  Although I may not copy the exact format, for example the way I have demonstrated insertion stitches within the files, I may use the technique of insertion stitches in a new way.

I feel it is also much more advantageous to have tried the techniques out, so that I have experience of them on a personal level, not just from a cold research point of view.

My techniques lever arch file, made for Exercise 4.4 ties in perfectly here.  Many of the techniques shown in my folders are reflections of my written work within this Exercise 4.4.

Here is a list of each separate folder and the styles of techniques you will find inside:

Layering and Piecing

  • Bonding – fused surfaces
  • Cut away applique
  • Hand applique
  • Inlay applique
  • Machine applique – hard edges
  • Machine applique – soft edges
  • Patchwork
  • Patching and Piecing
  • Shadow applique/quilting
  • Shadow work
  • Trapping
  • Slashing and layering

Embellishing and Finishing

  • Beads and sequins etc
  • Buttons
  • Cords and Braids
  • Edges, Prairie Points etc
  • Fastenings
  • Fringing
  • Frogging and Rouleaux
  • Insertion Stitches
  • Tassles
  • Toggles


  • Smocking
  • Folding and Pleating
  • Rushed surfaces
  • Trapunto
  • Italian Corded Quilting
  • Quilting my machine
  • Quilting by hand

Machine Work and Free Embroidery

  • Couching and applying
  • Decorative Stitches
  • Dissolvable fabrics
  • Eyelets
  • Felt Circles
  • Free machine embroidery stitching
  • Open Work
  • Quilting
  • Straight stitches with woven threads
  • Straight stitches with random layers applied
  • Twin needle work
  • Zig zag stitching

Counted Thread Work

  • Woven open work
  • Patten Darning
  • Blackwork
  • Assisi

Making Holes

  • Eyelets
  • Cut away
  • Pulled work on machine
  • Drawn Thread work

Mixed Media Explorations

  • Batik
  • Print making explorations
  • Machine Drawing on handmade paper


Due to the extensive nature of the above; I will be able to pick and choose what I use.


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