Exercise 4.5 (Option 1): Blind Stitching: Part two

Following on from my previous ideas, I began to implement a few:

Using imagery from my source book, such as these:


Image (123)

I took a short film (my blog does not allow videos so this is available to view within my work separately).  The film shows me at my desk with a blind fold which nearly takes away my full vision.  My watercolour set and fabric where placed before me.  I had the above imagery in my minds eye, but as you can see, the results are completely abstract:

How did I feel when painting in this way?

A sense of losing control, yet not panicked.  I knew I would be unable to “paint well” without seeing, thus I allowed my other senses and the imagery and memories inside my head to take over and saturate my proceedings.

What will I develop from this stage?

Once dry, I began to experiment with layering and the Alice Kettle method of stitching blind; thus sustaining and developing my thoughts from Part one.  Here are a few of my results:

Looking at images of myself with the red coat on, as above, I used the blind painted fabric as a basis to work upon.  Then I got my machine ready with the thick thread on the bottom spool:


Using this method, I began to stitch in an intuitive way.  Obviously it would be dangerous, as someone who can see to blind fold myself to add extra weight to this blind stitching theme.  The fact that I wont know what’s happening with the thick thread in underneath is enough to emulate the unknown.

Here is one sample as a result, left image shows what I could see when I was using my machine and the right image shows the underneath, where the thick embroidery thread has caught to give extra line definition.  This method could be further developed.  I.E. What would happen if I used an even thicker thread, a metallic one or one with a different material?

As I am sampling here and want to produce variety rather than a large collection of the same method, I may discontinue and move on.

How do I feel this experiment went?

It has potential.  The piece above in instinctually lose in style, to emulate memory and my grandmothers lack of sight.  What she sees in exact terms I will never know, yet I can imagine.

I really like using thick thread and am sure this could be furthered if desired as a technique.  Could this be played with further in the next project?  Maybe.






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