Exercise 4.5 (Option 1): Blind Stitching: Part three

There are many ways to convey lack of sight.

Having interviewed my grandmother, I found that:

‘I see worse straight ahead, more to each side, but blurry.  Odd lines and colour.  I see red but not so much others, I have to get very close to anything.’

Going by her description, I wanted to experiment with viewpoints and focus, conveying this better sight to each side.

I looked to my dry point work, made for a pervious course, illustrating myself with the red coat.  This ties in as it was visits like this to my grandmother, where she told me the story of Red Riding Hood.  Hence it again gives voice to this memory.  This is the drypoint:

This is quite a faint print, due to scanning it into my PC.  Yet you can still see it clearly enough to comprehend: image-249.jpg

I used my printable cotton fabric to print the above.  I wanted to try and block out areas, but how?DSC_0007 Voile seems to be the answer for me.  In layers?  I cut a few strips, one wider than the other.  I then stitched these down one at a time….

Here you see a close up of the voile layers.  I used a red thread, to add small areas of tone.  This is to illustrate that my grandmother can see certain things, but in a small and focused way, not as a “whole” person.


Above:  The full piece, scanned into my PC.

What do I think of this method?

Linked to the reasons why the voile is there, I think it has worked well.  The left and right sides of the piece and noticeably clearer, just like it would be to her own views.  The voile, one layer in silk voile, add just enough masking, without “blinding” 100%.  The fact that its ragged, adds weight to the emulation of a blurry view.




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