Study Visit – The National Museum of Scotland – 13th April 2017

A few highlights from my visit:

Again I seem to be attracted to the Greek pottery, I find myself actively looking for them in every museum I find.  I wonder why?  Personally I think it is due to the narrative illustrated, the ongoing conversation these ancient characters can have with us; the storytelling element.

This red with the black ground seems to be a constant feature.  I wonder if more contemporary artists have alluded to this along with the Greek pottery style in their own practice?  This is a topic which would interest me to research.

Having now had some experience of observing this style of pottery, I find myself delving into deeper detail.  I.e. are there similarities, ongoing themes which run through the pieces?  What do the patterns, i.e. the ones around the top rims on the pots which act like a boarder represent?

My sketchbook which I took on my Study Visits, details some of this, exploring the characters we see on the pots, along with the pattern details.  Mostly I have found that they are all time period related and yes, are often seen on a number of pots, not individual as such.

Image (196)

This ongoing story about their lives and their own beliefs really has captured me.  I wonder where this could go, if used to inspire?

Other highlights:

Patterns and prints are seen in abundance.  Very like the Art Textiles exhibition I saw in 2014 at The fashion and Textile museum in London.  In this section within this museum, we can observe modern textile fabrics, alongside the older collections.  Many cannot be age placed; thus it can be hard just by viewing to realise which ones are modern and which ones are contemporary.

The piece top middle is the most modern, made last year.  Having studied design and pattern within this course, I find myself noticing hand drop and repeat patterns.  The others are all 1950s.  The older are screen print based, while the newer one is digitally enhanced.  Thus we do see advance in technology use here.

DSC_0038_2Lastly I will bring out this piece left.  Grotesque?  What is it?  It is said to be an amalgamation of glass shards and dolls, all placed and glued together.  Is this a way of demonstrating an archive?  Unusual display.

Bouke de Vieres.  2014.

What can I myself take from this visit to this museum?

image-1971.jpg Above:  A few comments from my own views, writing them on the train home so that they were fresh in my mind.

For more information on this study visit, please see my physical sketchbooks, which I carried around at each visit.




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