Assignment Four (Option 1): Exercise 4.1: Out of focus images

This may seem slightly off piste, yet it came to me while researching this assignment.

Travel holds a lot of memories with myself.

Traveling to Paris to visit my Uncle and Aunt, I began to use a Lomo camera with traditional film.  It overexposed some images, due to me having it on the wrong setting.  Marrying this with my feelings and mind set at the time, which were in fact “out of focus”, the two merged together.  Thus the photos now represent a time in my life which was blurred; not just in imagery.

Because they are out of focus in themselves, I felt that they would be a good resource to work from, to help me be more “impressionist” in my style of painting and drawing.  Within my sketchbooks I have explained the images further too, to convey their history.

image-126.jpg I was particularly captured by the top right image and began to draw it out:


I isolated the shapes of my aunt and I, as seen above, experimenting with Pastel, Paint, Pen and Pencil along with collage and water.

All of these drawings and paintings, form a foundation to work from later on within this course.

Below:  Another scan of a sketchbook page.  This one highlights another selection of “out of focus” images.  I love the far away feel to them, fading and blurred.  I chose to draw the middle one of myself….



Experimentation with coloured backgrounds and a variety of drawing mediums, such as chalk and oil pastels and Koh-I-Noor dyes ensued.  I wanted to retain that far away, impressionist feel.  I especially like the drawing top right; it has development potential.


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