Assignment Four (Option 1): Exercise 4.5: Material Resources and Preliminary Samples: Mum and Liberty Print

This is a subject I have touched upon earlier on in the course.  Yet due to this area of the course tilting towards family history, it tied in again.

The main thing I associate with my mother is Liberty Print fabric.  She made dresses in it and now I feel quite nostalgic when I see it myself.

So rather than the fabric itself, I would prefer to look at the “cloth connections” the links between my mother and I and the memories of it, the feelings it makes us possess.  This could connect my dad in some way, could Tartan and Liberty influences be combined?  I commented similarly in the section with my dad and tartan, I don’t want to create a “new” tartan or Liberty Print fabric.


When thinking about samples, I looked initially at separating the Liberty flower from the tartan.  I used see through voile and inspiration from the florals on my mothers dress, to embroider by hand just one flower.  I wanted to isolate the flower, rather than create a pattern.  I then looked at placing this onto my decolourant tartan sample.  This then became a marriage between the two sources.  Symbolically, we could say that my parents marriage took away the heat of the bad memories and replaced it with a see through layer, ready to be embroidered anew:


Could this be extended and developed?

Again I feel drawn to the phycology element.  I am unsure whether I would use hand embroidery as the sole embroidery element.  Yet sampling helps me decide this.  I enjoy seeing the marriage of tartan and floral; this is something I have not seen before; thus I feel more positive about creating more.  This may be extended as one idea within the next projects.



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