Assignment Four (Option 1): Exercise 4.1: Personal History: The lost scarf

I was given a precious scarf a few years ago, by my aunt in Paris.  I treasured it, but sadly lost it.  It was always gnawed inside of me; what was it’s history?  Where did it come from?

Thankfully, I sensibly took many photographs of it before its loss.  I also wore it on every special occasion or traveling experience.  Thus I have many memories and photographs of wearing it…..

Through imagery, you see a narrative, not only the scarf and its history before me, but with me.  I wonder if this concept could be developed?  The map of its travel, both before me and after me?

What do I already know about the piece?

My aunt is French, brought up in the south, yet moved to Paris when young.  Her mother was Spanish.  As far as I can recollect, she told me that the scarf had been passed down to her by her mother.  It was a treasured possession of hers.

With me, it has been to every theatre trip and holiday, including journeys to France, Spain and Italy.

But then I lost it, in Rome, at the Trevi Fountain.


The above page from my sketchbook, sums up its many journeys, ending with its last (see far bottom right) as you can see, it trails without me realising and must have fallen off me.

What is its history?  Is it a certain type of scarf?


Although through research I could not find an exact scarf like it, I discovered that it is a Manila scarf or Piano Shawl.  Each one had different embroidered symbols all meaning something.  My own had peacocks, butterflies and roses.  I found that they originate within the time period mine would have been made, in the south of Spain, Seville.

More images of mine:


Above:  I began to look at the scarves colouring, with a view to studying the shapes within it.


Yet the above, is more a homage to the lost scarf, rather than a fresh take.  I feel the need to take it higher, but how?

I personally feel that looking at its travels, rather than the scarf itself at first, would give me enough information to be inspired by.  I could look at its journey with me and without me.

The images of me wearing it could help too.  I am happy to use these images as a part of this project, as I do not feel I am fully relying on them as a source to work from; the actual scarf overtakes the image.

I have extended this subject within my sketchbook work and may do more so within this assignment work.


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