Assignment Four (Option 1): Exercise 4.1: Personal History: Collected objects relating to my own “history”

Looking at the OCA notes, the idea of a collection stood out.  I wondered what would relate to myself personally, thus I wanted to take time to think what would represent “me” as it were.

At this early stage in the project, I felt the need to surmise over a lot of resources, to try and inspire myself and see where I wanted to take my work.  Thus I gathered in affect “a few of my favourite things” relating to my life “history”.

Here is a photograph of a page in my sketchbook, where I have used a numbering system to convey what each item is:


Here is a list of what each number related to:


Up close images:


Image (104)

The idea for me, was to use this collection as a resource to draw from and then build ideas from.

To detail the above collection, some of these objects not only have history with myself, but have been passed down to myself.  For example in the image above, you see the Dictionary that was my fathers at boarding school.  Also seen is my mothers eternity ring, which she passed on to me.  Thus these objects are not new pieces without character, but have real depth.  The poetry book of my mothers may be an interesting resource to draw upon, words as well as inspiration, from when she was my own age now.

I began to draw without thought:


Looking at the scarves in the image, which were passed down to myself by my French aunt.  Instead of looking at the patterns as such, I found myself drawn to the folds and textures of the creases.

Image (105)

Above, looking at an ornament of my own and a brooch.  They both had faces, yet do I want to copy a face?

I am still in the trialling stages of this collection.  Will I develop it?

At this stage I intend to collate many resources to feed on and then choose the ones I feel are strongest.



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