Assignment Four (Option 1): Exercise 4.1: Personal artefacts, what could they be?

Memories, they are a resource I often draw upon.

I wonder though, what classes as an “Atefact” or what can I make my archive from?

As one of my resource types, I wanted to challenge the meaning of the word:  ‘an object made by hand’.  I have much personal history trapped in photograph form.  Could a photograph be an artefact?  I personally think it could be, if the photograph had strong meaning or if something in the photograph was of cultural or historical interest.  Although I will not use photographs as a basis for this entire project, I may use them at times.

Here is an example:

image-121.jpg This is a photograph of a scarf I lost a few years ago.  It has both historical and cultural aspects.  Given to me by my aunt in Paris, it had been passed down in her family.  I could use the images I have of it, to trace its history.  Thus this is an example of where photographs can help with a point of research.  I have no way of accessing the real thing, having lost it.  But through imagery I have more chance of being able to find out more about it.  This will be documented in a separate blog post.


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