Study Visit: Yew Tree Barn Antiques: March 2017

Why did I choose to visit this place?

I was looking for venues where I could observe artefacts in a variety of states.  I thought it would help to see some in a curated museum state in contrast to the more salvaged, unsorted category.  Although well established and regarded in high esteem, this venue is more inclined to the latter; having that treasure trove feeling.

I was able to take a few images.  Obviously due to the non curated state, I was unable to find out much about the history of the objects I photographed.  However they become a basis on which I could research further.  They serve as mind provocation for myself:


As you can see in the image above, objects have been placed all together with no real sorting.  This makes it exciting actually; the idea of the unknown.  It would not be a helpful form of placing objects if I was looking at them from a research point of view however.

This plate above was of particular interest to myself.  It reminded me of Willow pattern, which we have had at home for years.


Above:  Bird cages, really tiny ones along with large ones.  Apparently the label tells us that they are from the early 1900’s.  They were priced at between £200-400 pounds; I wonder why so extreme in value?  But then again how can we put a value on an object, as every person has a different interpretation of its beauty.

Personally I feel drawn to these as objects, but why?  What connections?  What links?  Maybe to look at later?

The fabric on these chairs reminded me also of this topic.  They were donned in digitally printed fabrics, with shelves and objects on.  An almost curated shelf.

The last object I will document, is of particular interest to myself; I think it may become more obvious why in other posts.  Below you see a sampler.  Not connected to myself of course, but it sparked off the reminder in my mind, that we too have many samplers in our attic at home.  Could I draw from these?  What is their history?  Why were they created and why are samplers created in general?

DSC_0026_5 More often that not, they are on themes.  This could be a new baby, a wedding etc.  Often given on “occasions”.  They can tell a story too.

I feel strongly about this type of artefact research, I think it could develop well; testing to come.



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