Assignment Four (Option 1): Working from Artefacts: Reasons for this decision

Part four

Option One:  Working from artefacts

Project 1:  Creating a personal archive

In order to progress and widen my learning to the fullest extent, I now own or have available to loan these books:

–          Machine Perspectives – Alice Kettle etc

–          Hand Perspectives – Alice Kettle etc

–          Radical thread – 62 group

–          The Textile Reader – Jessica Hemmings

–          Inspired to Stitch – Diana Springhall

–          The textile book – colin gayle

–          Making and drawing – Kyra Cane

–          Contemporary Textiles:  The fabric of fine art – Janis Jefferies

The above list will be thoroughly read, commented on and referenced throughout my course of work and will be added to, to even further widen my education.

First thoughts on the words “Personal Achieve”

Why did I choose this option?

I first veered towards the other option:  Sustainable Textiles, as I felt that this was the “easier option” as I had experience in this field, during Textiles 1:  Exploring Ideas, where I made dresses and garments from re-cycled lingerie and lace:


Reflecting on how this would affect my own practice, I wondered…..would this really promote my learning and extend my practice to new boundaries?  I worried that this was the “safe” option and would not push me enough. I can of course come back to this type of research, however I felt at this time I needed to try something new and not look so much to “already tried” ideas of my own.

Thus I chose this option, as I have never knowingly made an “archive” or looked into textiles as a study point in a museum setting.




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