Assignment Two (Option 2): Exercise 2.3: Mirrored digital designs with previous Developing Creative Textiles work

I had some designs from my previous course which I wanted to try to play with.

I chose two of my favourites and opened them in Photoshop.


I used the technique I had learned from You Tube and Photoshop websites to mirror my image four times.  I then opened up the layers palette and began to play with layer styles. 

The one below is mirrored and multiplied.  This is not to my taste, yet I had to try it.  I love seeing designs in this type of square design, as I can then visualise even printing them as a square scarf in the future.


Above:  Showcasing a variety of styles possible.

The next design below was another of my stitched drawings from my previous course.  Thus I am not obviously counting these actual pieces as part of this course, only what I do to them when digitally editing them.

The multiplied layer option above (achieved my learning the technique from “Ink and Fabric” tutorials on You Tube) actually looks printable.  No, it is not anything like the original design, and if someone passed and looked at it, they would not trace it back to a face easily.  Thus is that way, it does lose its sentimentality.  It is a fresh take on the work and instead injects a “kaleidoscope” view, which I like, just in a new way.

One last try:

I am enjoying isolating areas.  This gives the work a completely new feel, not just using the same image to multiply etc.  I altered the contrast to bring out the line tone on this one.  I like how you look at it for a while to see what the shapes are, are they just line or more?

French aged linen with hand embroidered portrait in brown thread, given to me by my french auntie mirror contrsst.jpg




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