Assignment Two (Option 2): Assessment Criteria prognosis

Assignment put against assessment criteria:

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

In contrast to my previous assignment, I feel that I have conveyed a better understanding of risk taking.  I have used a wide variety of skill techniques and have been surprised with the results.  I feel that I am visually aware of what is around me, having educated myself within a variety of formats, such as books, magazines, you tube tutorials, websites and exhibitions.  I have even visited art shops for advice on some materials.  I have endeavoured to take key points from the previous and use them for the positive within my work; optically expressing my learning – thus displaying the connection and fluidity between inspiration and own work produced.

Quality of outcome

I have applied the knowledge learned, especially in digital format within my body of work for Project 4 in particular.  I learned definite skills, such as how to mirror images, repeat and half drop repeat, mend lines, fuse images etc.  I applied this within Project 4 in particular.  Through my printed work, you will see some journeys illustrated and my acquisition of skill materialise.

All ideas are clearly pasted within my work, with notes as needed.  Inspirational points have been connected in each area, to convey clear paths through my work.

Gradually I have honed down the work I produced, to reveal a few favourites which I feel strongest and most unusual at the end of Project 4.  This has resulted in a collection of printed designs, some of which have been put on printer friendly cotton.  I have tested the fabric to make sure my designs will remain watertight, which they do, thus a successful outcome.

I took a risk by making new work at stage Exercise 2.2, this could have compromised the quality of work I went on to make, as it did encroach on my time.  However I made sure that I did not let this weaken my work and simply gave myself a longer period of time to work on it.  I felt it important to pursue new material, as the previous assignments work did not have enough meat to play with.  This paid off, as I ended up with a wealth of possibilities to choose from; I took a risk here and showed a strong sense of decision making.

All work was presented in a personalised way, choosing to work in a “lose leaf” manner, as I hate to use the same paper for all work.  This meant that a lot of time and judgement has gone into each individual sketchbook, or as I have called some of the “fabric book”.  They each showcase a different side of my work and suit the way they have been put together more than a blanket one size fits all approach.

Demonstration of creativity

My tutor noted within the feedback from my first assignment, that my personal identity was showing.  However in this assignment, I feel I have improved in this, with more of my personality showing.  Of course this is not the most important thing, rather what my personality led to me creating.  Because I knew my subject well, namely the inspiration surrounding my mother, I was able to test and probe this in a mixture of ways, all showcased within my physical work and also digitised.  I feel that I have used my newly learned Photoshop skills to the best extend I could, within my learning level and understanding of them.

Risk taking was a weak point previously.  I became too used to well-worn path which I was successful with and also worked commercially.  To combat this, I made a written list of techniques to try within the two projects.  I managed most and other ones not listed too.  You will find this list within the pink A4 folder I made, which holds self-written notes on some of the techniques used.  This proved to be a very successful venture, as the list created made me experiment with new ideas.  Keeping them in an orderly manner, means I can reflect back on them easily and makes for a clear presentation of ideas.

Some outcomes have been really successful, while others are a tad bland.  Yet I have used my powers of perception to disregard those I felt lacked quality or improving power along the way.


I wanted to be critical of myself through this assignment, thus I have stated areas I need to improve upon throughout.

Research wise, I find that I do constantly feed myself and try to look at everything from a “what can I learn?” perspective.  I planned to bullet point ideas to take from each individual point of research looked at and was able to achieve this.  See my Log Book chapters as evidence for this.

I learned a hard lesson getting a lower mark for my previous course.  Thus I am on red alert on how I can improve.  This is healthy at this stage and has proved to create a fire in me for this assignment.

I am aware of points I was weak on and tried to combat them as necessary.  I knew I was lacking in, in depth skill knowledge for Photoshop.  Thus I made an effort to read, learn and watch all I could on this.  On reflection, this has really helped open up myself to new ways of printing my work.


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