Assignment Two (Option 2): Exercise 2.3: Mirrored digital designs and others with floral roses and bees from assignment one

I felt that a lot of my floral work was too “nice”, yet in order to develop it within this assignment and this project, I must make it more risky or different.  Using the way of mirroring the design and the four part trial as seen here, I used the layering tool to multiply the designs, thus they become less floral and more like a pattern.

I still think the work looks too “flat” and also the four parts are not merged like my other designs, due to the white background.  If I pulled in the sides a little or cropped the design, I think it would look edgier.

I decided to become less precious with my designs.  Thus I cut well into the design, so that there were no white areas.  I think that I find it too easy to only see things as a “full” design, rather than any altering thoughts. Thus this was a good move for my development in taking more chances, to simply see what would happen.

ee1ee2ee3Above:  This is what happened with a mirror design when using the cropped version above:

See what a difference this makes.  The design now looks like a whole piece, instead of four pieces separate on a sheet.

For my own self, I think it is too “boring” to be used as a favourite design of mine, for this course that is.  It isn’t risk taking enough.  However I made use it as a saleable design in the future.

Another of my florals, this time a poppy:

I felt that this design was a little too “white” to develop, yet I have saved it, incase I see an opening for it in the future.

I didn’t want to be beat with my designs, so I decided to try one more at least from my designs made at assignment one.  I liked the idea of the bee that you see below, especially its meaning and context; being filmed and “time captured drawn” (five drawings of the same bee on the same sheet, wings flapping in different positions, as seen on the film).  It was also pictured on an Echinacea plant, which has the symbol of healing.

The slideshow below, documents this designs journey, from single drawing, cropped, made into a mirror, played with filters and then embellished and scanned back into the computer.  Having printed my bee design onto fabric, I chose to use some of my head bonded material with the fabric to give the idea of wings.  The heat bonded plastic, with gold threads and voile inside, emulated the idea of a wing feel.  I used a collection of silk and vintage threads, just to highlight certain areas:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This scan of it as a work in progress, shows how it could be scanned in and then played with again in a digital manner.  The fact that it is now textural in form, does create a few problems, as it is harder to get a clear scan with the lumps and beads etc.  Yet with some holding down while scanning, I can see how this would work.  The added embroidery, gives the print a 3D quality, without being 3d in feel.  This could be further experimented with in my practice as time goes on.

The disadvantage of this idea, is that when the 3D parts sit higher than the fabric, they tend to not scan well.  I tried two attempts below.  One with my hand pressing it down then the other a book.  The book works better, yet not a clear print.  Thus this worries me, as I can’t get a clear print.  A photograph may work, but not an idea I want to peruse at present.  Thus if I decide to embellish more samples in the future, I will have to work around this.

I have of course, many other designs in my folders, which are illustrated in my physical work and other folders.



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