Assignment Two (Option 2): Exercise 2.3: Mirrored digital designs and edits on Boro work mixed with decolourant

Using a favourite few pieces from my merged Boro and Decolourant work from Exercise 2.2, I used Adobe to trial repeating the designs.

This was the first one I chose, really for the strong print element, the strong colour contrast. 

Simply cropping the edges would have been too safe, so I played around with my cropping tools to find an interesting area.  I liked this one, as the eyes are mirrored, yet it can still be taken for a facial partial view.

Next are the stages of developing the repeat.  Instead of mending the seams, I wanted to see what it would look like quickly.  Thus you can see I simply progressed through the stages, leaving edges:


I loved the texture of my Boro work, so used this as a second sample idea:


You can see above, how I have isolated a section, rather than using the whole scan of my Boro work.

Do I want to play with this?  Unsure…maybe I have stronger work?  Or maybe repeating all the time is boring.  What about the “mirror” method?

Mirror trial stages:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Above:  Using the first digital design as seen above,, to create a mirror image.  I also tried filters to see of I could highlight or accentuate my design.  I have chosen to illustrate one which I felt did not work.  This conveys the honest approach that not everything works, but should be tried.

I tried a variety of layer filters on top, but found most to muddy or blacken this particular design.  However it’s the trying that counts, or I wouldn’t know and I may have missed out on a great result.

I do like the design itself mirrored.  Here is the other one too, using the same process:

On the above illustration, you see lots of multiplying of layers and the stages of filters on top of layers.

The original design points are unrecognisable, yet produce strong designs for printing.  I have saved all of the ones trialled, so that I can play or extend them again in the future.

When scanning in my work to my computer, I found that my eye was drawn to certain sections.  In the case of the lace cloth below, I found an area with the decolourant pattern just showing, and lovely colours…

From the above display, you can observe that I have chosen to crop a section to then carry on to mirror.  Each mirrored design, is made up of four of the same designs, call rotated and created to make the mirror, using Adobe Photoshop.

What I find about this style of work, is that you lose the beginning, where you came from, the roots.  They become whispers, foundations which only you know exist.  I think that this is good for me, as I can be quite sentimental about my work.  Thus not being able to “recognise” it as it were, makes me become more ruthless and less precious.  I don’t have anything holding me back anymore.

I love the vivid blues, which hark back to the colours of original Boro work.  Plus the blue colour works well as a contrast with the bleached lines of the decolourant

I would like to continue in this way and take this on board with other designs, taking the meaning away from my work, has really strengthened my practice, which when I say it, sounds like a contradiction!

You may see some of these designs printed out and annotated on, in my folder of digital trials for this course.




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