Assignment Two (Option 2): Exercise 2.3: Digital designs with mother stitched collages

Project 4:

Exercise 2.3 – Using digital forms to extend my designs….

I began with a collaged stitched drawing, as I felt that this had a raw quality, more than a simple sketch.

The slideshow below, documents the process of using the adobe “photomerge” tool to create a repeat.  In retrospect I don’t feel that this is the best method to use.


  • Not calculated.  Thus not equal spacing, merged manually.
  • Leaves unsightly gaps

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Filters were tested too, as you can see above.  The darkest filter was called “watercolour”, which left my image quite grainy.

The trick is knowing how far to experiment, how far do I take my original design…do I develop it until it is unrecognisable?  This is something I need to keep learning.  Personally I think it is better to play risky, as then at least you have tried.  Thus my practice needs extending.

They are all at a “rough” stage, not fully polished, but they help me remember my ideas, which I could follow through with.

Another trial, using filters on Adobe to refine my print:

None of the above are particularly unsuccessful.  Some do wash out the print a little.

I used one of the above as a template to use with the “correct” way of making a half drop repeat pattern, using the instructions found in the book ‘Digital Design’ which I bought for this course.

Above:  The outcomes for a straight repeat and half drop repeat print.  This can be printed as many times as I want.

Below:  A few more trials from the original method I used, “photomerge”.  I feel that I have now extended myself and come further than this method; thus I do not intend to use it for this purpose anymore, rather I will use the official instructions for making repeat and half drop repeat patterns.  This has the advantage of being calculated equally and also saving as a template, which can be re-used at any time to any amount or size.



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