Assignment Two (Option 2): Exercise 2.3: Digital designs with bonded surface work

Exercise 2.3

Using my bonded samples in printed textiles:

Looking back on all of the work I have made for this assignment so far, my bonded surface work to me has the most potential.  It surprised me, as I have never used bonded surface work with embroidery, I have only used it as a texture, not as a surface to work upon.  Thus this was fresh and exciting. I have outlined some highlights below and have printed a few trials too.

Above:  Development process in image form of creating a digital half drop repeat pattern.

By creating a pattern template, I was able to “fill” different sizes of paper.  This is important, as altering the size of the paper may be good trial work for future printing onto fabric.  Knowing my sizes and ruler lengths at this time, creates a good foundation to visualise printing in the future.

Rather than using filters to alter the print and make it easier to work with, I wanted to risk creating a more complicated half drop repeat, using another of my designs, but this time not adding any filters; only initially cropping the section of the image which I wanted to work with.

I tried lots of other images I had with this technique.  I will showcase some results:

Selection of digital designs from all themes of this a ( (1)

When looking at scarves which have been digitally printed in the past, I have often wondered how it is possible to create mirror patterns.  I have had no experience altering prints digitally like this, so this is all new to me.  I could not find out how to do this through the Library or other books I had, thus You Tube and Websites came in very handy, such as this one:


Following this film as a template and reading instructions I managed to build my own designs:

Selection of digital designs from all themes of  this a ( (20).jpg

Selection of digital designs from all themes of  this a ( (11).jpg

Selection of digital designs from all themes of  this a ( (41).jpg

How do I feel about my tests?

Discovering certain techniques, or rather learning how to do them, has really opened up my practice.  First the idea of repeat and half drop repeats, then moving onto mirror designs, helped me comprehend how certain products are made, such as scarves.

I hope to be able to develop my skills digitally as I progress with the course.  Areas such as designing for scarves really interests me, however it is not a core element of the course.  Skills which I learn within the course, can be used in the future to this end.

I have said it a few times, but I found the digital editing both freeing and testing, as it is hard to know when to stop, there are so many ideas.  I have ended up printing some experiments, either to show which ones I felt could have been done better, or to show which ones worked well.  Both are useful; as I learn from my mistakes and can convey this through my sketchbook work.

I intend to look again at all my experiments as a group and decide which few to print onto fabric.  I will initially do this from home, but I will have the files for the future, if I get a chance to print them as a professional print run.

You will notice that I have not chosen to play with every single sample made, such as in this case, the bonded surface work.  I chose to pursue only the designs which I felt were they most unusual or had a bit of grit to them, as I did not want to produce a boring selection of designs.

I will leave any more comments until my final conclusions.


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