Assignment Two (Option 2): Exercise 2.2: Focus on embellishment and risk taking in experimentation. Boro and Decolourant work, making a viewing book

Making a Boro inspired book – extension on Boro and Decolourant stencil based work

Because of the colour matching and material similarities between my Boro work and Decolourant samples, I have decided to merge both and create a fabric “viewing book” to showcase them.

The photographs illustrate my process:

A wide variety of ideas have been accomplished, such as using hand dyed denim with decolourant and stencils to produce patterned material under the Boro ethos to use for the technique.

Materials such as vintage no longer used dollies, my own jeans and clothing have all been customized here.

Stitching in traditional Boro colour tones has been executed.

How to secure the fabric pages of this viewing sketchbook together?

I used leather scraps, again re-using materials.  I machined eyelets and then attached them to the fabric pages.  They were then threaded together with denim scraps.

It feels so much more worthwhile making something from “nothing” as it were.  (It is also helping my copious and overflowing fabric store to go down an inch or two).  This is really the moral behind Boro, you feel good having created, because without your own thought and reuse of what is classed as rubbish, you would have nothing at all.

Some parts of my work have real beauty to them, thus these up close shots:

How have my ideas worked?

Looking back on my book, it is rustic and very hand made.  It does not pretend to be neat or fancy, but holds to the original style.  There are only a few pieces displayed. Yet they have created a beginning, something I may develop.  This way of creating a viewing book, has brought be back to my artistic roots, where I didn’t know how to be tidy and created more by instinct than skill.  Marrying both knowledge and basic art instinct, makes for raw work, which has more of an edge than a polish.  I really like the idea of using fabric instead of paper to display the fabric work, this creates more of an art piece. The idea of leather linking the pages, ties in well, both in colour of leather and the use again of scrap materials, being used for a purpose.

I may decide to reflect back on this work, scan, draw and even create printed textile designs from it in the future.

The marriage of Boro with the Decolourant stencil, gave an edge which traditional Boro work doesn’t have.  It made my work separate from a copy of the original style.  If you look carefully within my work, in some scraps you can see eyes and other parts of the stencils.



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