Assignment Two (Option 2): Exercise 2.2 – Extending my florals from assignment one

Reflecting back on my first assignment, I do feel that it was too “nice”, too “safe”.  Getting a lower than hoped for score for my previous course too around this time, I really wanted to break free a little from this niceness and had lost my confidence somewhat.  Thus this assignment I feel, has taken a long time to grow.  On saying that, I didn’t want to forget my past work from the assignment one, as it was a part of the course and the foundation for my learning.  So I wondered if I could mess it up a little?

The theme of embellishment was perfect for this, as I could merge textile techniques, with the previous work.  Here are a few results:

Previously I had planned to use an amalgamated lot of my drawings to make one dry point printing block.  However I fell out of love with the designs and didn’t feel they were risky or strong enough to pursue at assignment one.   Looking back on assignment work through, I wondered about printing out the amalgamation and using it for something else, with this sense of embellishment in mind.  Thus I thought of stitch.  I used my sewing machine to stitch on top of the paper and my hand drawn lines.


I like the choice of thread colour; the brown steps away from the black and dually works to merge the pice into one, instead of exerts of a few different prints.

Sometimes when looking at pieces of work, its not just about the front, but the back sections too.  I scanned in two to show what I mean: 



They are wild, unknown as they were not planned or thought about.  Thus they have a lose feel to them, which some of my drawings lack; that sense of not caring.

Another idea was to use my dry point prints in a new way.  They lack colour at the moment, so what would happen if I coloured them in?  Or, what about incorporating a textile technique in there?  Not just stitched lines as I have done that, but what about distressing the print; cutting parts away?

First, here’s a coloured version.  This has a really nice look to it, albeit being too “safe” for my liking.  However it does make a nice print to think about using within my own personal commercial work.  What about the cut away idea?



Well, here’s the back of one trial.  I actually like the back again!  Because I used a thin backing fabric, you can see in the scan the layers of colour which I have used and trapped inside.  They were meant to be revealed through the cut away on the other side….

Here you see the back and front.  I have cut away both sides.  Thus when I mount this work, I will make sure that you can see both sides!  This definitely makes my prints more exciting; but is it enough?  I could always shelve these ideas until the next project and decide then.  The colours have worked well, it is nice to see how the bright colours work with the dry point print.  In the future given the chance, I could also experiment with the actual print ink colour.  You can leave more ink on or add other colours.





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