Assignment One: Reflections on my tutors feedback for this assignment

15th November 2016

Reflection of tutors feedback from Assignment one

I found my tutors feedback vital and timely.  He mentioned that I do have confidence, but a lot of this, comes from familiarity of my subject.  Thus I now need to really work out of my comfort zone, in order to take risks.

Points to take note of:

–          Try more variation and less repetition within my body of work.

          Emotion from my work – can this appear in a colour way?

          Less white backgrounds.  This will be a trickier one, as I am so used to them!

          Varied relationships between print and collage/fabric.  Can one take over from the other?  Or can it overlap?  Or…one idea for me, would be to print on paper, then cut out the shapes with a variety of textured papers or fabrics underneath?  Like a cutaway applique idea.

          Try repeat patterns with my designs created.

          Mix concepts and imagery within sketchbooks.  Make more “raw” work.

          During the time I am looking at Assignment two, my essay needs to be thought about too.  My tutor has given me pointers on this.  If I can keep reflecting back to this feedback, it will keep me on track mentally.

Overall I am very happy with the comments I have been given.  It has stopped me in my tracks and made me see really what I need to do to improve.  This is not always easy to take, but can be seen as a real positive.  Better to have something to work upon, than nothing and wonder why I am not doing well at assessment.

Save files separately to make my work easier to read.


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