Assignment One: Reflections on first phone discussion with my tutor

Points to remember from tutor phone call 7th December 2016

7th December 2016

I have just had a tutor phone call, in order to iron out my thoughts on my disappointing assessment result yesterday.  Now having some understanding of what I need to work on, changes need to be made. I will write a few random thoughts below, in order to remind myself in the future…..

  • – Progression needs to be illustrated and obvious…differences between assignments one to five. They can’t be the same.
  • – Not about producing a mass of work, but rather a variety.
  • – Take risks, things I may not like doing.
  • – Don’t created a very predicable sketchbook, it doesn’t have to be pretty.
  • – ‘Do all the things I feel are not appropriate’.
  • – Mess it up.
  • – Don’t stick to researching artists I like; look to those I can learn new from. This will actually turn my practice on its head.  Much research has been done by self on artists who I have felt “relate” to my practice; but I now need to learn, to look at artists who I can aspire to yes, but who will also freshen my practice.
  • – My tutor noticed that I have a complicated situation, as I sell my artwork and I also teach, which both completely different. Then add that in this mix to the course and it can be hard to define where my student/teacher/seller status comes in.  Thus it can be hard to “learn” and easy to keep repeating what I know, as if I’m selling in a shop and already know my market.

I will refer back to this list; it will serve as a good reminder if where I have come from and what I need to do better.

In a nutshell, after my assessment result for Textiles 2 Developing Practice and my first assessment for this course, here are my own thoughts on my work:

Both of the above events have come at the right time for myself.  On reflection, I realise that my practice has been too “arranged”. For my previous course, I have acted too much as if I already knew the plan before the finish and looked at artists to “fit” rather than open my eyes to new experiments.  I think that I did produce a strong body of work for my previous course.  However I did not arrange it right.  A variety of practices were tried, yet many were discarded and the things I had begun at the beginning, were extended and brought to a finish at the end, instead of trying new and continuing with it.  My tutor has suggested that I look at the work from this previous course, especially in relation to the first and last assignments.  I will then be able to reflect on where I went wrong and see how similar assignments one and five were.

At first I was devastated by the assessment result.  However, now that I have thought it over and my tutor has helped me to understand the logic behind the assessment, I feel a lot more positive.  This will be a fresh start for me within my practice. I hope to act more like a student and have time to experiment, get things wrong and make sure I document all of it.  This will illustrate that I have tried a variety of ideas out.  I will need to make sure that I pursue and develop some, so that it does not look like I have just tried for the sake of it a few things to say I have and not actually taken them on board.  I can see this now through one of the comments from the assessor in my feedback for the previous course about how I had made some promising Boro samples but they had not appeared in my latter work.  I need to convey clear development in this course, from the start to the finish.



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