Assignment One: Putting my work up against the assessment criteria / Thoughts towards my next assignment

Looking at my work, in relation to the assessment criteria

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I began a whole new subject source for this course, one I had not explored before. I took a risk, as flowers can be seen as too mundane or too saturated a topic. However looking back on the work I have accomplished, I feel that I am making my way to present this subject matter in a personal way.  The combination of mixed media and stich, alongside the print making elements makes my work have a tactile look.  The use of personal scraps, such as vintage lace and tickets which I have used to form my collages, really makes the flowers have a contemporary feel.  I have visually outlined my process stages, so that my development links and obvious.  My drawing compositions have well founded beginnings, which has given me a solid basis to develop into prints and stitched pieces.  The stitch lines, well reflect a drawing or etching line, showing a fluency of skill.  I have been highly visually aware, as you will see through my Log Book, everything has a reason or story behind it.  The artists have been studied in depth, alongside exhibitions I have visited.  Everything has been taken apart, each artist investigated rather than “showcased” so that I can see how it/they relate to my own work and what I can learn from each source I researched.

You will also notice that I have made a few film shorts to illustrate my progress and demonstrate techniques, this was new to me, as although I have had some film experience, I have not incorporated this into my work.  However having used it for this assignment, I see how beneficial it is; not only for myself, to make observations when I am out, but also for those observing my work, in order to be able to understand my practice.

Quality of outcome

My work by nature, has a threadbare, left threads, torn paper style.  I have combined this with easily accessible presentation, without compromising on who I am.  The balance between professional presentation and my own voice has to be carefully considered, which I feel capable of.  Notice my sketchbook work; yes I have often used ragged paper and left threads within the artwork, yet I have presented it on white sheets much of the time, in order to let my work speak for itself.  The A1 boards I have created are plain in background colour and professional in form, yet the work presented shows my artistry.

I was sure from the beginning of my theme and where I wanted it to head.  Looking at my body of work, I feel satisfied, yet restless, as I know how many more “forks” I could have gone down in experimentation.  Yet there needs to be a pause and a moving on process, as otherwise my work would become stagnant.

My sketchbook creation has been made with a view to the theme.  Note the brown paper used throughout, in remembrance of paper seed packets…harking back to my floral theme.

In some cases, A1 boards have been used to display the work.  This is to create a developmental visual display, so that the journey of my ideas can be understood.  I have been selective with process, choosing to highlight my bee work and how I have used both digital and hand processes to pull apart the point of inspiration.  I have also chosen to display one print of each of the six flowers, to display my theme as one.  All the backup work can be easily found in my sketchbooks, all of which have contents lists.  This shows organisation, communication and good application of ideas.

Demonstration of creativity

I worried on the outset that my theme would not be seen as “highly creative” as it lacked the difference or personality some of my previous themes have had.  i.e. my stitched portraits or lingerie dresses from previous courses.  However I was sure what I wanted to create, I had a clear objective in mind; that of producing a portfolio of work which could be developed into saleable work.  The florals have an all-round appeal, yet also tie in my personality, just in a more subtle way.  I know that as I develop this body of work, I can make it even more personal and have even more artistic control.  Yet my ideas have been realised and I have achieved my personal goals for the two projects.  My Log Book has been well illustrated, so that if my work does not tell the story itself, there will be an explanation, so that observers can understand.  The flowers have been conveyed in an imaginative way, applying my own style along with inspiration found along the way.


I feel that the words “thoroughly researched” do apply here.  As already noted, I not only have visited exhibitions and reviewed artists and companies, but I have thought further ahead, already researching fabric printing businesses, so that I can begin printing my designs.  I like to keep forward thinking, conveying my enthusiastic spirit.  My artist research has been formulated in a coherent manner, picking apart their work.  Although I am not required to merge in critical thinking in a formal way at this stage in my work, I have blended this in within my written Log Book here.   I have endeavoured to convey where I wanted to take this course throughout this first assignment, I believe that I have shown awareness of my work style and the possibilities which this gives me.

Thoughts towards the next project and assignment……..

Although I have covered much within the area of flowers in this assignment, I would love to look at other themes, which I could then take into digital printing and even hand printing too.  I loved looking at self-portraits and things relating to my family.  Time permitting, during the time I am looking at this third project and so on, I would like to add other themes.  However I won’t add any more than the flower theme I have started, if I do not feel they are strong or developed enough, as I would rather produce quality work than a wide variety.  If time is not available, I will shelve my ideas to use later on or in my own personal time.  However I do want to build up a large portfolio of “possibilities” to use in the future, as printing onto fabric is something I would like to develop further and make a sustainable practice.

I will now move on to the next assignments work.


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