Assignment One: First research essay proposal:

Proposal for research essay

Title:  Developing a sustainable practice in Textiles…by hand or digital device? Two way showcase:  Louise Gardiner and Elisabeth Loveday

Basic Information:

I would like to create a research essay, surrounding the idea of how to make a living out of textiles.  I propose to contrast the careers and choices of two artists in particular, one who has gradually developed her practice from fine art and textiles, into luxury scarves and home items, the other who has strayed towards a more traditional approach, working mainly in hand embroidery, yet still selling her work.  What ways are open to both and each individually?  I will investigate their individual practice in order to see how they have succeeded. 

I know that I can find plenty of subject matter on the two artists mentioned, thus I will have enough to build an essay on.  I have chosen to hone down my topic to one quite specific for two reasons, one; I want to saturate and extensively research my topic, rather than covering a vast amount without quality and evidence to back up my findings.  Two, this is a practical topic for myself, as I hope that digitally printing textiles will be the future for my own work pattern. Thus this research will be highly educational for my future.  No, a career path decision cannot be made on the basis of just two artists opinions and choices, yet it will give me two realities, which I can build and reflect on.  The two artists have both had experience exhibiting at events and trade shows, which is something I am keen to do myself in the future, thus I can research these to see if they will be viable for my own practice.  Their experiences and outcomes can help me see what works, as I see my work as similar to theirs.



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