Assignment One: Final Review

I began this course on a positive note, as I felt enthusiastic about the subject matter.  I had come to the point in my own personal work, where I wanted to try developing prints for fabric printing, thus this course fitted in perfectly with my plans, while educating me on this process.  I like to investigate things practically and how I can develop a sustainable practice; thus once again this course will help me in this regard. 

Looking at strengths and weaknesses within my work and myself; I see myself as highly creative, yet at times I lack the skill knowledge to execute ideas into real samples.  For example, I have a good basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, but not on Illustrator.  I have many things to learn about both, such as making images see through and layering.  I hope that I can build my knowledge as I continue with this course, as I see this as the part which will hold me back, if I don’t grasp the techniques to put my ideas into action.  To combat this, I have been watching tutorials and films online to help me build up my knowledge and hope this will be improved as I work through the course.

On a positive note, through this assignment, I have played around with new ideas, such as florals.  I also have older ideas I may wish to bring in in the future; i.e. family ties, self-portraits etc., work which I have explored in the past but not in a fabric printing way.  However I don’t want to glean so much subject matter that I can’t fulfil any one area with quality.  Thus through the next assignment, I will continue with the florals.  Maybe as I develop my self-portrait work may be woven in with the floral designs to become one piece / design.

Picking a floral theme, helped my work become more all pleasing and user friendly, in contrast to my previous more personal work.  I have to say I have missed that strong heartfelt approach to my work, which I felt when working on my previous course and looking at my grandmother’s life.  However I wanted to widen my appeal as an artist and push myself to not just concentrate on one type of subject matter.  I did keep true to myself, you will notice that I used the same type of fabric / paper collage in my floral pieces as I did in my self-portraits previously within Textiles 2:  Developing Creative Textiles.

Was this in fact, a backward step, using techniques I have already trialled?  This may be a question to raise with myself.

The course has helped open up my mind to looking at both hand printed and digital textiles.  Yes, I may have gone down this route myself, yet the course has made me question my ideas and set out plans in a logical manner.  A few of the artists listed to look at, were not ones I would have looked at without that push, as I didn’t feel drawn to them in style.  However it is important to look at those I like and dislike, as it helps me chip away at who I am and further concrete my ideas.

The artist research and exhibition visits has helped me see where I want to take my work, as to styles and even commercially, as in what products would I want to create in the future, would I want my work to be saleable?  

Having looked ahead to the next part of the course, I feel excited to try out the exercises as before this course I had no idea how to create repeat patterns.  I will now begin the next assignment.


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