Assignment One: Exercise 1.3: Summary to date

Reviewing my progress so far:

What did I start out hoping to achieve?

Through my previous work, I have looked at a lot of personal subjects, such as family and experiences.  However for this assignment, I wanted to begin a body of work, which had more commercial value.  This would be something I could have as a future resource as well as now.  A portfolio as it were.

I chose the subject of flowers, which on the surface may sound a tad boring.  However my own twist, was focusing on the meanings behind the flowers, as well as honing in on the ones seen in my own garden and National Trust properties I visited.  Looking back, this helped my work have a higher quality as:

–          I was able to have first had viewing experience of my subject matter at close proximity

–          I had less choice than if I had simply opened my vision to all things floral.  Having the themes and focus of my garden etc really helped to narrow my choices.

I wanted to create a series of prints, which had a hand drawn quality.  I also wanted to extend them into mixed media, collage etc.  Did this happen?  Yes!  I was able to use my chosen technique, to produce prints with the look hoped for, that hand drawn quality.

From initial drawings to print samples…..

I have often researched and written in the past about the “From sketch to stitch” concept.  Now I had a new one to focus on:  From sketch to print.  Did I manage this?  One example below:

Sketch                                                                                  Print

On reflection, looking at the above and other examples from my work, I am really happy with the process and outcomes.  No, they are not going to break any artistic barriers, but they work really well for my idea, that of looking at the meaning of flowers, choosing ones from my garden and along with print making, merging collage and mixed media, to give them an edge.


Issues?  What would I go back and do differently?

–          When incorporating mixed media with printmaking, such as fabrics, it can look contrived or “stuck on” for the sake of it.  Thus the way you do it, has to be well planned and well thought out, but not look like it, if that makes sense!  Sometimes it is trial and error and a learning process.  But it is important to observe why something went wrong or not as expected, so it is possible to learn from it.  A few examples:

print sample

This collage with print worked well.  Bold and the collaged pieces fit the lines.  Pen lines have been added to merge and blend the fabrics with the print.


However the one above has not worked as well.  Meant to be the sweet peas, yet it did not print with enough ink, thus the collage material is lost and looks out of place.

Do I feel my samples so far are strong enough?

All of my etchings have printed well, thus I have been able to produce a strong line of prints to work from and take on into digital editing.

What ideas would I like to develop in the future?

I found the multitude of possible ideas frustrating.  Too many variations.  However I am pleased with the way I chose to develop this project.  I do have other source material on other themes, which I would like to develop also.  For example looking at family ties again, as I did in my other Textiles 2 course.  I would like to focus on links between my mother and I. When I will be able to bring this in I am unsure.  But the idea is there.

I worry that flowers was too safe.  Maybe I need to progress in some way, however I have come this far.




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