Assignment One: Exercise 1.3: Developing prints from drawings

 At this stage, before I begin any samples, I need to decide what printing method I would like to use.

Previously I have tried:

          Hand cut stencils

          Screen Prints

          Dry Point etching

          Mono print


Along with other techniques and materials, such as bleaching serum to take the colour out of areas of my prints.

I do have a clear favourite, which I have come to realise works well for me.  This is etching.  I favour etching into copper plates, but this is expensive.  However dry point card can be used too.  I come from a fine art / illustrating background, thus the more “hand drawn” look appeals and I love how in the form of etching and printing, I can achieve this on both cloth and paper.  Thus etching dry point will be my chosen method through this section.

I have had experience at Northern Print in Newcastle, where I was able to successfully print onto cloth using this method.  Thus I know it works.

I will look through my drawings and only take those which I feel are key and strong enough into developing prints.

I think I will also need to decide and experiment with composition, for example I may want to print a few designs onto one piece of paper or cloth.  I may want to add collage material and even dyes or paints too.

I have annotated in my elongated Log Book the good and bad points of a variety of Printmaking Techniques, in order to ascertain the right method.  I came up with Dry Point for this section, as it holds the fragility and sense of deep or in turn fine mark on the page.

I used the drawings made of the florals to etch six dry point cards.  Here’s a little view:


Above:  One of my etchings, this time a Parrot Tulip, using a sepia colour of ink and a clean print making method, rather than leaving any discolouration on the card I used.


Above:  A view of the printing etched cards.

I am really happy with the results, however I worry, so they simply look like well done print designs, without the excitement of something fresh and new?

Looking at the artist Mandy Pattullo, I was reminded of the concept of collage, both in paper and fabric form, adding stitch.  Thus I decided to work into my prints to make them more interesting….

mandymandy1uuuwI used Mandy’s work to inspire me to use my sewing machine to depict certain florals; you can see the work in it’s progress stage above.  Using personal collage materials is important to me; I feel like I can put my heart into this style, rather than simply using anything I find.  Notice the perfume packets and vintage lace which are all personal to me.

The top two images are Mandy Pattullo’s work.  To find out more about this artist, view my Microsoft Word document Log Book pages or her website:

Below, I began to experiment with my dry point prints, adding sections of collage where I felt they would fit:

print sample.jpg

More examples within my sketchbook of this idea.

Notice how I have also added sketch lines, to create a naturalistic approach to print and collage.


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