Study Visit: New Designers 2016

Having just visited this exhibition, it’s quite clear in my mind.  Having looked ahead to the next part of this assignment, I think that some of what I found at New Designers will be relevant for that part too (on digital printing) as really students have begun with their hand printed designs and then moved from these onto the digitally printing of fabric with these designs.   So for now, I would like to concentrate on the concepts behind their work, before it hits the fabric printers….

Here are a few examples of students work, including sketchbooks etc:

Notice the transition from the top image left where you see the original print design in one tile format, to then the finished design printed as the repeat far top right.  It seems to have a seamless repeat (which I hope to learn and understand as this course goes on)  But I enjoyed seeing the “stages” of the work, not just the finial pieces, as it is hard to detect the “story” behind the work when just viewing the finished product.

Above directly:  I noticed that a lot of the students used large A2 paper and card to illustrate the journey from idea to fabric.  These were laid out in sketchbook form, which could be leafed through.  Within my recent work I have tried to simplify my sketchbooks and boards, to convey clear ideas rather than a collage of thoughts.  The sketchbooks I viewed at this event really showed again how good a practice this is, as it portrays clear thought and decision making.

Initially what can I take from this exhibition?

–          Well laid out sketchbooks

–          Clear transition segments, from inspiration point to final design, clearly illustrated.

–          Inspiration from a variety of sources.

–          Thought has gone into even initial drawing stages, if that drawing would work as a repeat or standalone design etc….this is something I need to be further educated on, thus will be doing my research as I develop through the course.


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