Assignment One: Research Point 1.1 and 1.2: Summary

What next?  What direction?  Below I will write a short commentary of where I feel I am at now and how I intend to progress with the exercises:

I began my two research areas, with insight as to where I want my own work to head. Thus I felt qualified to hone in my research areas, with my future hand printing prospects in mind.  This helped me to keep to a progressive path of research, whilst not streamlining my ideas too much, so that I did not become “closed in” in my approach.

I decided to research most artists mentioned within the OCA guidelines, yet there were a few that just did not fit in with my own artistic studies and I did not feel they would develop my own practice.  I have been clear as to my dislikes and likes; at times being critical.  This is most affective for myself, so that when I go back through my notes, I know exactly where I am going.  I think it is better to have clear ideas and opinions, even if they are not agreed with.  This shows I am emerging with a strong voice that’s personal to myself.

I find myself drawing inspiration from both Fine Art and Textiles, plus designers.  If I just looked at those who made hand printed textiles, I would only be looking at previous done work.  However by researching a wide variety of practices, I can mindfully merge together ideas, for example I can take Wesley Simpsons drawing ability, merge this with Louise Gardiner’s mixed media textiles and add the story narrative which Alice Kettle uses within her work.  I can take all of these on board and create something new and fresh.

Looking “behind the scenes” at artists work, especially by using the modem technology available, such as films documenting artists’ studios and their working practices, has really helped me learn how to implement some of their techniques into my own practice.  I have in a sense, learned through film.  I cannot always illustrate this within this Learning Log, however artists such as Louise Gardiner meticulously film their work for others like myself to benefit from and also Elisabeth Loveday too, who films ‘shorts’ on Instagram.

I have already begun to think about themes do develop my own print designs.  I mentioned the three ideas at the beginning of this assignment.  They were:

–          Personal experiences, stories and memories, such as family ties between my grandmother and I.

–          Flowers, with particular interest in those I grow in my own garden, relating them to the Victorian concept of “the language of flowers”.  If I chose to peruse this area, I would like to gain an insight through prolonged research, as to the history of this topic, along with studying the flowers around me.

–          Travel and diary entries, in sketch form, of meals and places visited.

Having now had time to do some research as above already, do I have any ideas which direction I would like to choose?

In the past, I have worked closely around personal themes.  I have found this to “come easy”, thus producing in depth work.  Although I would like to push the stories and drawings I have previously created further (seen within my last course Textiles 2:  Developing creative textiles) I would although like to gather a wide range of material, thus would like to start on a new topic.  The flowers one takes my interest, as it’s not a dry floral concept, the idea of what flowers were said to “mean” gives it an extra dimension.  I feel that this is an area I could develop my own personal style within.  The material I produce from it, may also be useful in the future.  For example printed textiles on floral themes are very saleable.

Using my research done within this course as inspiration, alongside future research and my own floral photographs, I will continue the course.



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