Assignment one: Part one: Option 2: Printed Textiles: Project 1 Hand Printing: Previous technique experience and first thoughts:

Why did I choose this option?

First of all, I have to say that this project really excites me.  Having just attended the New Designers show in London, I feel very inspired and have lots of information to use from this event.

I also have previously decided to develop this area of my practice, with a few to further digital printing.  Thus this seemed fitting and very apt for this time of my practice.

I have now learned from experience, never to bother with art unless I can truly put my heart into it.  As you will see from my back catalogue of work up to this stage, I have experimented with quite a few styles of print making and hand printing, thus this seems progressive rather than regressive for my practice.

What techniques have I previously tried?

–          Screen printing with own hand cut stencils

–          Screen printing with hand drawn screens

–          Dry point etching on copper

–          Dry point etching on card

–          Lino cut* (I teach this and other print making on a regular basis)

–          Relief printing methods

–          Potato printing

–          Rubber stamp printing

–          Wooden block printing

–          Painting stencils

–          Mono print

I have also used a variety of mediums to achieve effects:

–          Decolourant paste

–          Fabric paints (many varieties)

–          Inks according to technique type

Where have I had experience using hand printing techniques?

–          At home within my studio setting

–          At Northern Print, Newcastle (a large and well known print makers gallery and studio)

–          Teaching classes myself in a variety of print making techniques, such as: Lino cut, relief printing, mono print, decolourant onto hand dyed materials, hand printing canvas bags etc.

Where do I hope to glean information and research from, what is available to myself?

–          Northern Print, the studio setting where I have worked before, often has exhibitions.

–          A few local galleries around where I live have exhibitions, such as The Biscuit Factory.

–          The Rheged centre in Penrith, Lake District has a print making exhibition coming up, which I will visit.

–          I have visited exhibitions recently at The Textiles and Fashion museum in London, The Victoria and Albert museum and New Designers, all having printing themes to them.  These may help for both this project and the next.  I will be careful to use the right bits for each project.

–          I have a stash of books on hand printing, which I can delve into.

–          Access to a local library.

–          Internet resources are endless.

There will of course be other sources to use, but the ones above will be a good starting point.

What do I want to achieve?

I want to continue to develop the ideas I already have begun.  I would like to merge these with stitch and fabric, as I began to explore through Textiles 2:  Developing Creative Textiles.  Obviously my work needs to be fresh, I don’t want to keep going over old ideas. However some of these were left unfinished or gave me ideas for new work.  Thus pulling them in again to this course may actually develop my work rather than taking it back a step.

Through each project, I have to be true to myself while taking risks and going out of my comfort zone.  Thus each decision I make will have to be well thought out.

Through this course, I would like to stay true to who I am and what inspires me personally, while bringing my ideas to life in new polished and higher achieving ways than previous.


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