Assignment One: Exercise 1.1 Experimenting with drawing

Flowers are my chosen subject, as explained within my research points.  I will first take a look at my collection of photographs, of my garden and also national trust properties which I love to visit.  I will then do some overview sketches and paintings of all the flora.


Above:  An inspiring visit to National Trust property at Wallington, North East; to see the floral displays.

The above images were all taken at either Wallington or Acorn Bank, both national trust properties.  I intend to sketch and paint a few, then hone in on part of the image.  This will class as my “mark making technique”.  Yes I could be more “experimental” and simply make lines for the pure idea of it.  However I work best with some sort of purpose in mind.  Thus I want to draw and paint the flowers in the way that I feel about them.  They make me happy, give joy, and uplift my spirit, so this should come across in my work at this stage.  I think looking at a “theme” now, will help me move smoothly into Exercise 1.2, where I can maybe look at this in further detail and hone in on details.

So at this stage my “expressive” side will come across in my way of drawing and painting what I see.  My impression, expression.  I know who I am now.  I remember doing this type of study at A level, where we were lead through mark making with various means, such as sticks, ends of paint brushes with inks etc.  In other words I feel I have done my time with this sort of thing and found a way I like to work.  Not that this will stay stagnant or never change.  As I progress through the exercises I do have some ideas up my sleeve.  I want to try incorporating collaged fabrics and papers, ones which have meaning.  For example paper packets with writing on from my travels and vintage fabrics.  Another mark making form will be intuitive stitch, to give drama to my work.  I have worked in this way previously, but never in relation to this topic.

Why am I giving the above information at this stage?

I feel it is necessary for my tutor and assessors to understand the way I work and why I make certain decisions, so it can never be said that I have lacked creativity or risk taking.

One example of my work progress so far through this stage:


From drawings like the one above, I began to isolate sections to create repeat patterns:



Repeat patterns hand made and textural, increasing size.  I used collage materials to add a fabric feel:


Do I feel I have achieved enough?

Within this exercise, I wanted to play with just a few ideas and prolong them, but not to the extent that it merged too much with the next exercise.  I wanted to play and give myself ideas which I could build on, which I feel I have achieved.  I feel ready to extend my work into the next exercise.

I feel that I can extend myself more.  Of course this is a small representation, in comparison to my elongated Log Book notes, as seen as a Microsoft Word document.



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